Programmed Allison TCMs


GM ECM Programming


Below you will find list of Allison TCMs we have available. The price matrix includes OEM programming for your VIN/CIN. All TCMs are NEW unless specified otherwise. All new TCMs carry 180 day exchange/replacement warranty. UPS Ground to USA included free, UPS 2nd Day Air $25, UPS Next Day Air Saver $45. I accept PayPal or Credit/Debit Card (I will email an invoice with a secure payment link).

***** We are able to accommodate most special programming requests. *****

For all inquiries and orders please email Alex at PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CIN/ASSY# (or photo of original TCM) and your VIN. Depending on the calibration and TCM availability we may switch to alternate TCM hardware (A40/A50 to A46/T14A, A53 to A59, etc) when you order a new unit.



LCT 12V [Allison/GM] 09357820, 15768288, 29537441, 29542725


LCT 24V [Allison] 29542726


WTEC3 [Allison] 29543300 / WT3ECU912 (plus all older #s)


A40 [Allison/GM] 15117030, 25798264, 29545321


A41 [Allison] 29544773, 29545322 (ATA4101, ATA4102, ATA4103)


A42 [Allison] 29544774, 29545323 (ATA4201, ATA4202, ATA4203)


A43 [Allison] 29544775, 29545324 (ATA4301, ATA4302, ATA4303)


*A46 [Allison] /T14A [GM] 24256864, 25982143, 24256671, 29546675, 24043956, 19431597, 19434407

*NOTE: this price is for pickups with factory GM VIN programming. When I build an A46/T14A as replacement for A40 and A50 in 06-09 Medium Duty (C4500/C5500+) trucks or Workhorse chassis using custom software, the price is the same as A40 or A50.


T14 [GM] 24256861, 19431596, 24256670 19434406, 24043955


A50 [Allison/GM] 25978353, 29545535 (ATA5001, ATA5002, ATA5003)


A51 [Allison] 29545536 (ATA5101, ATA5102, ATA5103)


A52 [Allison] 29545537 (ATA5201, ATA5202, ATA5203)


A53 [Allison] 29545538 (ATA5301, ATA5302, ATA5303)


A59 [Allison] 29551869


A61 [Allison] 29550689/29556882


A62 [Allison] 29550690/29556883


A63 [Allison] 29550691/29556884


*** Due to persisting supply shortages and many orders, prices may change rapidly. ***